Aberporth Range June 2022

We’ve had this message from MOD Aberporth, which will affect all yachts in Cardigan Bay:

We have a Trial activity coming up which starts on the 6th of June, running for three weeks (unless if they complete earlier). Unfortunately this Trial has one of the biggest weapon safety traces that we use, which results in us needing to keep most of the bay clear of shipping.

Hopefully the map below gives you an idea of the size of the safety trace (yellow circle – 18NM), and we realise that it is a lot to ask but can you remain clear of this area from 09:00 through to 16:30 each week day (not weekends).

We realise that the sailing season is now getting underway and that you have a lot of activities planned, but can we ask that you make your members aware of our Trial activity and ask that they steer around the safety area during this period please. We will be making hourly broadcasts on IMM channel 16 and 11 throughout the day, and you can also get in contact by phone by dialling 01239 813 760.