Membership Information

Hard copies of the Club Rulebook are available in the bar.
Club Rulebook and Membership Information

Subscriptions are due on 1st January each year.
Fees – £30 single, £45 double, Cadet £10
Temporary membership for visitors – £6 for 4 weeks
Membership Application Form
Standing Order

Forms are also available at the bar

There are some spaces currently available to members in the ‘Tin Shed’. Rental for this is £50 per year. Contact Rick Mabey.

200 Club
The club is planning to refurbish the changing rooms and showers this year. Unfortunately, the income from membership and profits from the bar will not cover the cost, and one way to help is by purchasing numbers in the 200 Club.

For only £10 per number there is a chance of winning up to £250 a year.  The more numbers you have, the greater your chance of winning! The first of the quarterly draws is in March and you don’t need to be a Yacht Club member to enter. If you are win the quarterly prize of £50 and are present at the draw, the prize is increased by £25.
There is also an annual draw with higher prizes.
200 Club Standing Order Form