The club was formed in 1947, when a small group of enthusiastic sailors purchased the building on the quay which was formerly a flour store. 2017 was the club’s 70th anniversary.
In 2014, the Fishguard and Goodwick Jemima Rowing Club began using the club as their headquarters.

The clubhouse is available to hire for functions.
There is a tender shed which has spaces available for members to rent (full at present).

There is free WiFi in the Club and public WiFi outside for visitors, including boats moored alongside the quay.

Bar Winter Opening Hours

  • Wednesdays 6.30-9.30
  • Friday 7.00-9.30
  • Saturday 8.00-10.30

The bar may remain open longer if there are enough people in the bar to make it viable, but if there is no-one in the bar at 9pm, the staff have permission to close earlier.
Any special opening for functions will be notified as soon as possible.  If there are any members that would like the bar open they are welcome to contact Martin Barlow 07787528995 to arrange staff or volunteers to do so.