Bart’s Bash Results

10 entrants and 3 races were held in lovely sunny weather with a Force 3 north-westerly.

We raised £45 cash plus online donations for the Andrew Simpson Sailing Foundation

Overall results

Sailed: 3, Discards: 0, To count: 3, Rating system: PY, Entries: 10, Scoring system: Appendix A

Lap Distance: 1170, Wind dir: NW, Ave wind: F3

1stRS FEVA XL Huw Osian12442.
2ndRS FEVA XL Etienne12444.
3rdTOPPER Toby 13651.
4thTOPPER Tom 13652.
5thDevon Yawl JayLyn118411.0 DNC2.
6thLASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6 Gabe 11475.
7thRS FEVA XL Ian 12447.
8thWAYFARER MattSophie11026.
9thTOPPER Ruby 13658.
10thTOPPER Annis 13659.

Race 1

1TOPPER Toby 136521:3820:15:511.0
2RS FEVA XL Huw Osian124419:4820:15:552.5
2TOPPER Tom 136521:4320:15:552.5
4RS FEVA XL Etienne124419:5020:15:574.0
5LASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6 Gabe 114718:5320:16:285.0
6WAYFARER MattSophie110221:0920:19:126.0
7RS FEVA XL Ian 124425:0220:20:077.0
8TOPPER Ruby 136515:5510:23:198.0
9TOPPER Annis 136517:0110:24:569.0

Race 2

1RS FEVA XL Etienne124432:0930:25:511.0
2Devon Yawl JayLyn118430:4530:25:582.0
3RS FEVA XL Huw Osian124432:5630:26:283.0
4TOPPER Toby 136524:2820:26:534.0
5TOPPER Tom 136525:0420:27:335.0
6LASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6 Gabe 114733:2930:29:126.0
7RS FEVA XL Ian 124425:1220:30:237.0
8WAYFARER MattSophie110233:5730:30:488.0
9TOPPER Ruby 136528:2320:31:119.0
10TOPPER Annis 136530:3820:33:4010.0

Race 3

1RS FEVA XL HuwOsian 124434:1230:27:301.0
2RS FEVA XL Etienne124435:0030:28:082.0
3Devon Yawl JayLyn118433:4530:28:303.0
4TOPPER Toby 136527:5120:30:364.0
5RS FEVA XL Ian 124439:2030:31:375.0
6LASER RADIAL/ ILCA 6 Gabe 114737:5330:33:026.0
7WAYFARER MattSophie110237:4330:34:147.0
8TOPPER Tom 136531:4220:34:508.0
9TOPPER Ruby 136533:0120:36:179.0
10TOPPER Annis 136533:3720:36:5610.0

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