North Bish Bash – Sun 5 May 2024

A new yacht race from Fishguard, around North Bishop and back – approx 40NM

So that each yacht can have the best chance of rounding North Bishop at slack water, there will be a starting window of 3 hours and each yacht may start at any time during that period. Get it right and you’ll have the tide with you for the whole race!

Results will be based on elapsed time using the RYA YTC rating system for yachts, PY for dayboats and MOCRA for multihulls

Caution: there are numerous dangers and strong currents around North Bishop!

Tide times (BST)HWLWHWRange
Milford Haven04:34 6.5m11:00 1.2m17:06 6.5m5.3m
Fishguard05:50 4.4m12:33 1.0m18:20 4.3m3.3m

According to Tom Bennett’s Sea Guide to Pembrokeshire, slack water will be at about 14:40


Sat 4th May20:00Briefing in FBYC clubhouse
Sun 5th May09:00-12:00Starting window
Sun 5th May20:00 approxPrizegiving

Notice of Race (pdf)

Sailing Instructions

(to follow)

Entry Form

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For queries and suggestions, please contact Geoff Turner,


There’s a useful drone video of North Bishop on Youtube:

Thanks to Nautical Drone Flights